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How might reusable canteens affect climate change?

Children’s Access to Water

The following letter from Paul Orfalea appeared in the Montecito Journal recently. SchoolFoodAction added the photos for this post. Dear Neighbors, You and I are free to get a drink of water whenever we feel Read more

Day 5: Students and Teachers

Guest Post by Dean Zatkowsky As we wrap up Culinary Boot Camp, I’m most impressed by two things: 1) how much the students relaxed and came to enjoy the class by the end of day Read more

Recess Before Lunch Improves Student Health and Behavior

At Los Olivos School in the Santa Ynez Valley, grades 1-5 participate in Recess before Lunch. After learning about the health and education benefits of eating after – rather than before – play, the school Read more

Day 4 of the School Food Initiative’s Culinary Training

Guest Post by Dean Zatkowsky The days are long, and very, very full. We start with a healthy breakfast, prepared by a handful of students. Then we spend about an hour in the classroom, work Read more

Scenes from Day 3 of Culinary Boot Camp

Guest Post by Dean Zatkowsky Today’s curriculum centered on plant foods and applicable cooking techniques, which are mostly moist cooking techniques, such as steaming, blanching, boiling, etc. We also learned how to set up a Read more

Scenes from Culinary Boot Camp Day 2

Guest post by Dean Zatkowsky As the Communications Manager for the Orfalea Foundation, I’m also the in-house photographer. And let me tell you, it’s hard to beat an assignment where people feed you good food Read more

Culinary Boot Camp, Day 1