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The evidence is compelling that less screen time and more personal interaction develops a child's brain for greater success in life.

“If We Change the Beginning of the Story, We Change the Whole Story”

  Below is a fascinating TEDx talk from a pediatrician, researcher, and parent who is working to understand how technological over-stimulation of children affects their development and future success. Some of us recall that in Read more

Sugar is only part of the problem. Ignorance of how much sugar we are consuming is the greater health hazard.

Video: Sugar Disconnect

Sorry to mention this while all those holiday sweets are tempting you, but in today’s one-minute video, School Food Initiative Lead Chef Instructor Janet Stevenson reminds us that small amounts of processed sugar add up Read more

Pop quiz, hotshot. If you were on The Price is Right, could you guess the cost of this scratch-cooked school lunch?

Video: Today’s Food Aid is Based on Ozzie-and-Harriet Era Assumptions

  In today’s three-minute video, Free For All author Jan Poppendieck explains why SNAP benefits, aka “food stamps,” do not last through the month.

We are creators, not just consumers.

“Plugging in Tiny Brains”

Here is a link to a great article from the blog Media Mom, Ph.D. As we noted in an earlier post about screen time, “According to theĀ American Pediatrics Academy, infants and children under two should Read more


Video: Private Charity Provides Only 4% of Food Aid In America

There are over 61,000 private charitable food banks, pantries, and other food aid distributors in the USA, but all together they provide only 4% of America’s food aid, according to author Jan Poppendieck. With one-in-four Read more

“…I’m becoming a better man and a better person…” -Leon Sanchez

If you feel in need of inspiration, check out this repost from The Pew Charitable Trustsā€™ Health Initiative website featuring a 90 second video that we just had to share. We look forward to watching Read more

Chef Instructor Claud Mann prepares a spice-tasting lesson at Culinary Boot Camp.

School Food Basics: Taste Everything!

In the video below, School Food Chef Instructor Claud Mann discusses an essential part of scratch cooking: tasting everything before it goes to the kids! Taste Everything from Orfalea Foundation on Vimeo.