Whitney Summit201406

Summit Day

by Ariana Leon

It’s 2 am, wake up call.
I no longer feel warmth, but fear.
As I’m packing my pack, I know the day is here.
I look up and see the stars
But all I know is my destination is far.

The group begins to walk,
And there is no going back.
As the sun begins to rise,
Tears begin to fill my eyes
Not sad, but happy tears.

We’re getting closer and closer to the top
But I want to stop.
I feel the cold breeze
And it’s getting harder for me to breathe.
I let go of these bad thoughts
To prove myself of what I am not.
I see my destination is approaching
And I soon begin to feel the joy I’ve been longing for.

Just a few more steps
And the best view awaits.

I sign my name on the top
And the feeling of accomplishment fills my heart.
As I’m standing on the top,
My racing heart doesn’t stop.
I made it through
Because I knew I could.
I’m looking around God’s creation
And I can feel the transformation.
Confidence is what you need
To get yourself where you want to be.

That 14,500 foot peak
Proved to me that I am not weak.

Believe in yourself & you will see
What life will bring to thee
Thank you Mt. Whitney for sharing with me
A different side of life that allowed me to be free.

Ariana Leon is a student in the Orfalea Foundation REACH program.

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