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Whole Child • Whole Adult • Whole Community

What defines a successful child? Currently there are seven billion potential answers to that question. Recognizing each child as a unique individual helps us strip away stereotypes and appreciate strengths and opportunities upon which to build a successful transition to adulthood.

Whole Child Action is a collection of best practices, resources, and role models collected by the Orfalea Foundation through our work in early childhood education, school food reform, and youth development.

This We Believe:

  • Every child deserves the opportunity to receive high quality education.
  • There’s more to education than test scores, including the development of perseverance, curiosity, and other non-cognitive skills.
  • Schools in all grades should serve real food, prepared from scratch.
  • Young children need a great deal of time outdoors to develop physical, mental, and emotional skills.
  • Students learn best through experience, by trying out new skills in a supportive environment.

The mission of the Orfalea Foundation’s REACH youth development program perhaps best summarizes the goal of Whole Child Action: To prepare students for lives of purposeful action, continuous learning, and the courageous pursuit of opportunity.

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