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The Orfalea Foundation and Child Educational Center this week released the final report on progress achieved through the five-year Preschool Food and Healthy Habits Initiative. The executive summary concludes:

“The extended period of work initiated a conversation county-wide about what centers could do through envisioning themselves as ‘centers of wellness.’ This helped alter the ECE culture at participating centers. As a result of project training and consultation, as a whole, and on average, centers achieved progress in all Matrix categories. Of particular interest was the impact on family practices for eating and physical activity. While this was not a primary focus of the training efforts, the work done at centers appeared to have a significant effect on the behavior of families at participating centers. The two family-related categories improved by 72 and 73% respectively.”

The full report can be viewed and/or downloaded HERE. As the Orfalea Foundation concludes its work, we believe more strongly than ever that the surest path to a better world is to help all children get the best possible start in life.

About Early Childhood Education

Since the year 2000, the Orfalea Foundation has been committed to improving the life outcomes for young children through high quality early education. In Santa Barbara County, there are more than 170 early education centers in which thousands of young children spend 6-12 hours a day. These centers hold a key to the healthy development of our children. READ MORE

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