School Food Initiative Chef Instructor Naomi Serizawa prepares a selection of fresh, organic snacks for students to try.

School Food Chef Instructor Naomi Serizawa shared this story:

“On Tuesday, the first day of the Goleta Union School District’s Health Fair for fifth-graders, a student  came up to the Healthy Snack table and said, ‘I’ve never had a radish before, I’ll try one.’  he came back later and said, ‘That was great!  Can I have another one?’

The parents, the garden education manager, and us chefs who were manning the table whooped it up for a child who wasn’t afraid to say, ‘I’ve never tried that!’ And did. And liked it!”

This is why we’re so eager to get better choices into the schools. Experience keeps showing us that kids will eat and enjoy real food if they get the opportunity.

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