Introducing 5th graders to healthy snacks, including purple carrots!

Goleta Union School District held its annual 5th Grade Health Fair on February 12th and 13th, and the School Food Initiative was there to provide healthy snacks and assist with food literacy programs.

Cutty, from Cooking with Cutty, talked about fruit and vegetable servings while simultaneously juggling and snacking.

School Food Initiative Chef Instructor Naomi Serizawa prepares a selection of fresh, organic snacks for students to try.

The event is fun and informative, offering children a chance to learn about exercise, nutrition, bicycle safety, and other wellness and safety topics.

An organic carrot by any other color - even purple -would still taste as sweet.

Orfalea Foundation photographer Dean Zatkowsky felt the more serious side of the proceedings as students approached the snack station. Many exclaimed how hungry they were, since they had not eaten breakfast. There are many facets to school food reform, and in future posts we’ll talk to local schools that have implemented the Universal Breakfast in the Classroom program (UBIC), which helps kids – and teachers – get the most out of each school day.

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