Chef Instructor Janet Stevenson and her class discuss the ins and outs of  recipe scaling and conversion factor formulas.

Wednesday, May 8, marked the second all-day culinary training of a group of twenty-six Santa Barbara County promatores by Chef Instructors from the Orfalea Foundation’s School Food Initiative.

Oscar Carmona from Healing Grounds Nursery  conducted a hands-on home herb garden workshop for the promotores

This week’s curriculum included:

  • An introduction to food safety and sanitation
  • Knife safety and basic knife skills, part one
  • Kitchen math and recipe conversions
  • Kitchen equipment overview and best practices
  • Time management skills and exercises
  • Critical label reading, additive and nutrient awareness
  • A side-by-side comparison of scratch-made and bottled salad dressings
  • The magic of Mise en Place
  • A gardening and herb planting lesson with Oscar Carmona of Healing Grounds Nursery
  • Plus plenty of healthful snacks throughout the day!

Culinary math: nothing to be afraid of

An exercise in preparing easy salad dressings from scratch. What! No High fructose corn syrup or xantham gum?

Chef-Instructor Kirsten Criswell demonstrates proper knife technique

Seasonal, healthful snacks provided energy and focus throughout the day

(For more information about Santa Barbara County’s promatores de salud program, see last week’s post HERE)

Next week: shocking sugar math, weighing and measuring techniques, scratch breakfast baking, budgeting, food costing, smart portion sizes and…how to recalibrate your taste buds!

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