School Food Action is an online project of the Orfalea Foundation’s School Food Initiative, which empowers the public school districts in Santa Barbara County to implement and sustain nourishing cooked-from-scratch food service operations.

We believe that schools should serve real food, prepared from scratch. –Real food is more nutrient-dense and provides better value than highly processed food products.

We believe that recess should come before lunch, not after. –The expenditure of energy at recess calms children during meal time and increases appetite.

We believe the Universal Breakfast in Classroom program should be implemented wherever possible. –Properly nourished children perform and behave better in school.

We believe that children should know where food comes from. –Food literacy improves lifelong health.

We believe schools should use durable rather than disposable trays, cups, and silverware when possible. –Schools reduce an enormous amount of waste and model environmental stewardship at no additional cost.

We believe that school meal times should be treated as learning and teaching opportunities. –Students develop lifelong nutrition and social habits during school meal times.

We believe food service personnel should be respected for their contribution to a complete education. –For all of the reasons above.

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