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A once empty ashphalt area is now a fully developed outdoor classroom.

A Little Center That Can, Part 3

(Part 3: Securing Long Term Change) By Eric Nelson. In our previous segments we saw how Sara Bautista’s leadership and commitment to personal growth drove changes at her Aliso State Preschool.  However, Aliso stands out Read more

Outdoor Classroom Specialist trainings build leadership skills and subject matter expertise.

A Little Center That Can, Part 2

(Part 2: Momentum) By Eric Nelson. Site director Sara Bautista’s commitment to personal growth was a key success factor in enhancing the quality of Aliso State Preschool. Already an accomplished professional with a Masters degree Read more

From the beginning, Aliso State Preschool offered a beautiful, natural, welcoming entryway.

A Little Center That Can, Part 1

(Part1: Getting Started) By Eric Nelson There are over 150 child care centers in Santa Barbara County.  Each is unique and each has special stories of challenges and successes.  Tucked away in a far corner Read more